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Hamood Habibi, also spelled Hamoud or Hamoud, is an Arabic CGI Clip of a child khiêu vũ and clapping vĩ đại a children's tuy vậy. The Clip was made by animator Muhammad Ghaloum and first uploaded vĩ đại YouTube on March 4th, 2007, by user Tahloube S.

Origins and Translation

The Clip seemingly originated from an animation created by Muhammad Ghaloum. The first instance of the Hamood Habibi Clip was uploaded on March 4th, 2007, by user Tahloube S:

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A request vĩ đại translate Hamood Habibi vĩ đại English was posted on /r/translator, receiving this response from Reddit user invisibowl:

"This has popped up here before. Comment from /u/tinkertoon a couple months ago covers it:
It's the silliest thing ever. Just the kid calling on Hamoud (which, along with Hamadi, is a nickname for Ahmad or Mohammad). He uses the word "habibi", which is a term of endearment in Arabic, used between friends or romantic couples. Here you go:
Hamoud (x3)
Hamoud dear Hamoud, Hamoud dear (x2)
Hamoud (x2)
Wake up
Wake up! (x2)
Oh Ahmad Hamadi (x2)
Repeated ad nauseam.

When asked about the text in the bottom left corner of the screen, invisibowl responded:

"Didn't notice it before, it's a watermark. 'Cartoon animations – Muhammad Ghaloum'"

The title of the Clip is usually similar vĩ đại "Hamood Habibi" or "Hamood Habibi Wake Up" when uploaded vĩ đại YouTube.

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The Clip has retained a general level of popularity on some areas of the Arabic mạng internet. It began vĩ đại rise in popularity when popular YouTuber Pyrocynical posted a tweet comparing the character seen in the Hamood Habibi Clip vĩ đại the character Sheen from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Planet Sheen on July 11th, 2017:

planet sheen reboot pic.twitter.com/vMOxQTiyIP

— lol (@PyrocynicalVEVO) July 11, 2017

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On July 27th, 2017, YouTube tài khoản Brady Powers uploaded a Clip titled "hamood habibi" showing Crash Bandicoot khiêu vũ vĩ đại the audio of Hamood Habibi (video has since been removed, re-upload shown below):

On September 20th, 2017, YouTube tài khoản MSXBOY uploaded a Clip titled "hamood habibi REACT funny funny :DDDDDD" showing YouTuber FlightReacts reacting comically vĩ đại an overlaid Clip of Hamood Habibi:

On September 30th, 2017, YouTube tài khoản Eracity uploaded a Clip titled "Hamood Habibi HD 1080p 60FPS" showing a recreation of the Hamood Habibi Clip in high quality with a custom 3 chiều model:

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