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Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn

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พิมประภา ตั้งประภาพร


Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn

10 October 1992 (age 30)

Bangkok, Thailand

Other namesPim Pimprapa
EducationChulalongkorn University (Faculty of Architecture)
  • Actress
  • singer
  • model
  • MC
  • YouTuber
Years active1998–present
  • Channel 7 (2013–2020)
  • Freelance (2020–present)
  • Wichit Tangprapaporn (father)
  • Sasikan Tangprapaporn (mother)
RelativesPloypailin Thangprabhaporn (sister)
Musical career
LabelsKamikaze (2007–2011)

Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn (Thai: พิมประภา ตั้งประภาพร) is a Thai actress, singer and model. Her nickname is Pim. She was born on 10 October 1992. She was well known as Fasai in Thai drama series, Once Upon A Time in My Heart (Thai: กาลครั้งหนึ่งในหัวใจ).


Pimprapa or Pim was born on 10 October 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand. She has 2 younger sisters(Pair and Ploy). She graduated from Heathfield International School in secondary school, Bromsgrove International School in high school(grade 10) and passed grade 12 equivalent test(ITCSE) to tát study in the university. Pim graduated Communication Design program (Commde) from Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn university and got the degree certificate, Bachelor of Arts, in năm trước.

In 2000, Pim was first on screen, Look Mai Klai Ton, when she was 7 years old and then played many roles on many dramas such as Nueng Nai Suang, Khamin Kub Poon, Sai Lo Hit, Rang Ngao, etc. In 2007, Pim has passed the audition to tát be a singer in Kamikaze music label which affiliated by RS music company. She was a thành viên of the girl group, Chilli White Choc which was in Lipz Project.[1] After that 2 members of her group, Ink and Best, were quit due to tát expired contracts so sánh the group was disbanded. However, her career was still continued, Pim was also in one of successful projects, Sevendays, as the Tuesday girl,[2] in 2009.

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After the project, in 2010, Kamikaze formed new girl group from the disbanded girls in Lipz project, Pim Min and Jinny, the new group named Swee:D[3] and this group was also popular one. Their tuy nhiên, Sad Scene(Thai: ฉากเรียกน้ำตา) was on top on Thai radio charts. Unfortunately, Pim decided to tát stop to tát be a singer because of her class times were not enough and her contract were going to tát expire so sánh she has decided to tát go back to tát study in 2012 and graduated from Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn university in năm trước. In 2013, Pim was back to tát be an actress on TV series again in Wiman Maprow, comedy series in channel 7 and now she is an actress under channel 7, too.



Lipz project[edit]

Detail of Album Song Lists
  • Album : Lipz Project
  • Year : 2007
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  1. My Space (Waii, Chilli White Choc and Siska)
  2. Chatsanova (Chilli White Choc)
  3. Special Friend (Chilli White Choc)
  4. Plian Pen Pee Chai (Chilli White Choc)
  5. Tok Loom Ruk (Waii feat.Pim,Ink Chilli White Choc)


Detail of Album Song Lists
  • Album : Seven Days
  • Year : 2009
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  1. Bha Wa Lok Luv
  2. Ja Mee Suk Wan Tee Pen Khong Chun Mhai
  3. Ying Klai Kan Ying Klun Jai (Pim feat.Jinny,Jam)
  4. Yhud Chun Tee (Jam feat.Pim)
  5. Yah Pleur Na (Waii feat.Seven Days)
  6. Mai Mee Wan Nhai Mai Chai Khong Ter


Detail of Album Song Lists
  • Album : Swee:D
  • Year : 2010
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  1. Haam (Stop It)
  2. Chak Reak Nam Ta (Sad Scene)
  3. Plik Lock Tee Hau Jai (Unexpected)


Album Song Lists
  • Year : 2007
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  • Khud Jai
Forward To U
  • Year : 2008
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  • Forward
  • Ruk Chun Reak Wa Ter
Friendship Never Ends
  • Year : 2009
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  • Pleng Ruk
  • Bhoen Kan Chun Ruk Ter
KamiKaze Wave
  • Year : 2010
  • Record Label : Kamikaze (record label)
  • Kamikaze Wave


Series Song Lists
  • Ruk Lon Doi
  • Year : 2015
  1. Hug Kan Kha-Nhad
  • Mon Ruk Pleng Phee Bork
  • Year : 2015
  1. Yung Koi Chor Kaew (with Mac AF5)
  2. Reeb Ma Rai Ngan Tau (with Chaiya Mitchai)
  3. Aum-Ma-Bhat Hau Jai
  • Look Mai Laai Sonthaya
  • Year : 2018
  1. Ngan Ten Rum Nai Kuen Phra Jun Tem Duang
  2. Wae La Tee Lhue
  • Poh Mod Chao Sanae
  • Year : 2018
  1. Oh Le Oh Le Oh (with Donut Pattarapon)
  2. Wate Mon Hang Rak (with other main roles)
  • Prom Pissawat
  • Year : 2020
  1. MUSIC LOVER (manuscript Marsha Vadhanapanich Feat.Narongvit Techatanawat)
  2. Rang Wam Jak Fah
  3. Kon Tee Kuk Rak (manuscript Bodyslam)
  4. Jao Ying Nai Yay (manuscript Sunita Leetikun)
  5. Sing khong (manuscript Klear)
  6. Leik Dai Mai (manuscript Zaza)

Special song[edit]

Detail of Song Song Lists
  • Ost.Song Meu Bhor(Special TV series for Father's Day)
  • Year : 2015
  1. Song Meu Bhor
  • Special tuy nhiên for Mother's Day
  • Year : 2016
  1. Oun Ai Ar-Thorn
  • Dedicated tuy nhiên to tát the remembrance for King Bhumibol Adulyadej(King Rama IX)
  • Year : 2016
  1. Kaew Ta Nai Daung Jai
  • Special tuy nhiên for New Year Day
  • Year : 2017
  1. Wae La Tee Sam Kan
  • Special tuy nhiên for the 10th anniversary of Save The World Project
  • Year : 2018
  1. Pan Rak Duay Song Mue Rao

Music video[edit]


  • Na Krab Na Krab – Faye Fang Kaew
  • MSN^_^ – Faye Fang Kaew
  • Pak Dee Khee Ngao Oaw Tae Jai – Mila
  • Tam Jai Pak – Knomjean


  • Phom Ruk Khun (I Luv U) – Faye Fang Kaew


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  • Khon Ngao Kao Tum Kan – Nice 2 Meet U


  • Mai Ruk Ter(Love You No More) – Waii


Concert Date Place Artists
One-2-Call Freedom Zheza Zim Presents Kamikaze Live Concert 16 May 2009 Royal Paragon Hall All Kamikaze
KamiKaze Wave Concert 26 June 2010 Indoor Stadium Hua Mark All Kamikaze


Tv series[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes
1998 Kwam Song Jum Mai Huajai Derm Channel 5 cameo
2000 Look Mai Klai Ton Wanruedee (child) Channel 7
Duj Fah Rai Dao pafaan (child) cameo
Nang Sib Song Pai (child)
2001 Rang Ngao Tom Channel 3
Khamin Kub Poon Paweena (child)
Nee Ruk Athiti or Noo Aon (child) Channel 5 Guest
Song Kram Dok Ruk Joobjang Channel 7
Pin Prai pornpid (child)
2002 Khat-Ta-Korn Kam-Ma-Thep Kreuorn (child)
Tam Ruk Tam Lah Khai Kai
Nam Pooh moddang (child)
Bodyguard Sao praploy pannaree (child)
2003 Sai Lo Hit Dao Rueng (child) Channel 3
Nah Tang see Chom Poo Pra Too see fah Nin
Leud Khattiya Princess Thibhayarat Daragumari (child) Channel 5
2005 Nueng Nai Saung Khun Ying Kornkanok Channel 3
2007 Soi Sang Jun Noi
2013 Wiman Maprow Namwhan Channel 7
Yommaban Jao Kah Rada cameo Episode:Nhee Barb(Debt Sin)
2015 Budsaba Ta Ruea Chaichaba
Mon Ruk Pleng Phee Bork Chokaew
Koo Prub Cha-Bub Hau Jai Nara Boonnares
Fah Mee Ta Punpun Episode:Calling From Spirit
Barn Sai Thong M.C.Wimonsuda (Ying Aom)
2016 Karn La Krung Nueng Nai Hau Jai Fasai Tippayasart / Tien Botan
Honor Drama : Under Anthem Klai Rung Episode :Songs of The Sun (Pleng Hang Sang Tawan)
2018 Look Mai Laai Sonthaya Duenpattra (Duen)
Por Mod Jao Sanae Nissara (Noo ni)
2020 Plaai Sungkeet Mayakorn (May)
Prom Pissawat Pantawan (Tawan)
Ngao Boon Sita
2022 Bad Beauty Fah One 31
AIS Play
Dong Dok Mai Chitsamai One 31
Mia Luang 2022 Ornin Tencent Video
202.. Fai Luang Yodtian Amarin TV


Year Movie Play as Note
2001 Jun Dara Wilairek Wisanan or Kaew(child)
2003 Koo Tae Pa-Ti-Harn Tan Nam(child)

Musical theatre[edit]

Year Musical Play as Note
2017 Soontaraporn The Musical (Episode:Khor Phob Nai Fhun) May restage in 2018


  • 12 plus
  • Lays (Loon Larn)
  • Mitzubishi air conditioner
  • Party snack with Seven Days
  • G-Net 101 mobile phone in concept of Seven Color[4] with Seven Days
  • Meiji Paigen
  • Mistine with Saran Siriluk
  • TRESemme+Dove with Saran Siriluk
  • Dina with Araya A.Hargate



  • 202 :


  • 2021 : - On Air YouTube:PimNiyom

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Awards Category Nominated work Result
2004 Milky Awards 2004 Rising Female TV Drama Sai Lo Hit Won
2009 Audition Music Awards 2009 Best New Artist Seven Days (Kamikaze) [th] Won
2010 You Live MV Awards 2010 Sad MV of The Year SWEE:D [th] Won
2015 Maya Awards 2015 Public Rising Star Budsaba Ta Ruea Nominated
2016 Kazz Awards 2016 Hot New Female Stars Nominated
2017 Daradaily The Great Awards 2016 Female Rising Star of The Year Karn La Krung Nueng Nai Hau Jai Won
MThai Top Talk About 2016 Top Talk About Drama Nominated
The 14th Kom Chad Luek Awards Popular Actress Nominated
2018 Siam Ganesha Outstanding Lead Actress Look Mai Laai Sonthaya Won
2019 Daradaily The Great Awards 2018 Hot Girl of The Year Won
Maya Awards 2019 Popular Female Lead Actress Look Mai Laai Sonthaya Nominated
Dara Inside Award, the 4th Nakarat Award Favorite Actress of the Year Won
Thailand Headlines Person of The Year Awards 2019 Outstanding Person of the Year in Culture and Entertainment Won


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